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Women health and wellness

Women health and wellness

Women health is very important. In every society women cares for home. It is important to provide them comfort and keep them healthy. Women have different role in the societies such as wife, sister, mother and etc. it not just to keep them away from disease but there are more responsibility to be fulfill. They give birth to children and balance the society. Women and men share same disease but women have more and need special care and it is necessary to keep eyes on their illness and do treatment on time. Women were considering nothing in the past and have different life. Women face many problems in the past as they were child and got married and now they have children and they have to care children when they are children by themselves.

They were considering nothing but a piece with which someone play and throw it on the road. No one cares for them and if you don’t care of their health they feel ill and were not consider as well. By the time some people realize that they need special attention so that they perform daily tasks and their house is run by them. If we talk about American society in the 1900 we see that women were treated badly and life was span till the age of 50 and if you look them now they are safe and a lot of institution cares for their health and now life span is 83 year age. Now they are free and care for themselves and doing exercise and what they want to do they are doing. No one can stop them and they have better life than before. Now their men understand women issue and they care for their health and worried about them when they are ill.

Gynecology is branch that is concerned about women health issue. This branch is present in every corner of the world and consider care center for women. Gyneco mean women and logo mean knowledge and this word mean knowledge about women. Now it is important that to educate women about her heath and she should be aware of every part of her body. If she is well and healthy you not face any issue at home on the present society. In past they were not free and nutrition was not good and they were not allowed to do exercise and they were always ill. Now it is advance world and they can find out their problem so early whether that is stress, eating disorder or depression.

This all disease can be control when you have good nutrition heart health and exercise. Now it is important that women care for her and keep away her from disease. If she does not care she might face many problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. This is possible if you have proper diet and eliminate snacks and doing daily exercise and you will be save from disease and you will be healthy and well.

Smoking and alcohol is dangerous for health and women should keep away themselves from such thing so they may live a healthy life. They know that when they smoke they are in great risk but unfortunately they are smoking and keep their self in danger and they might face disease such as cancer, heart problem and other issues. This is very unfortunate for them and they know about it and they are doing unhealthy activity. Alcohol is also dangerous for their health as they might face some disease if they do not leave such bad habit.

When a woman is ill at home all the people of the house are ill with her and they face several issues in household. If women keep themselves healthy the entire house will be healthy and well. They have different metabolize system and they more issue than men when they smoke and drink. It can affect the children. They must know which drugs to take and which not as they keep themselves healthy when they have knowledge about that. This is only possible when you keep them away from such activities that are harmful for them.

There are huge differences between men and women autonomy. Both have different consideration and both athletes have different type of injury. In sport there are many injuries and both face different problem and have different injuries. There is huge difference between women and men. She is less in weight and different injuries than in men.

They are different in their skeleton system and both have different disease. If both have heart problem women got heart attack after 10 years. Women do not recognize heart problem as the symptom does not show in her and she face heart problem suddenly and get died. She needs to care for herself and keep away herself from unhealthy activity. She needs to set program from herself to be healthy.

As it is already mention that women are different from men and women have reproductive system and give birth to baby. Reproductive system plays an important role in women life. There are many issues regarding this difference and women first should care for her and men should keep an eye on women health so he spends his life easily. It is already told that when women is ill at home all the people are concerned about her health and all are unhealthy with her but if she has a good health and all the people related to her have good health.

Women are such important part of the societies. She was considering nothing in the past and with time people realize their importance and start giving them their rights. They face many issues but men do not care for them and not let them to go to doctor and do treatment and they keep them at home. But with time they realize they are nothing without women and they need to care for them so they live a healthy life.


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