For a few years previous to his death in 1999, Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Even even though he suffered from this lethal shape of dementia, Fred Trump clung to his position as chairman of the board of Trump Management till he died at the age of ninety three, consistent with his obituary within the New York Times.

While people who’ve a family history of dementia are at expanded threat, the biggest risk issue for dementia is age.

Trump, who may be seventy four years old on June 14, 2020, become the oldest individual ever elected as President to a primary time period. The 2d oldest changed into Ronald Reagan, who became dwindled by using Alzheimer’s disease while he served as President.

According to a take a look at posted inside the journal Neuroepidemiology, about one in seven Americans over age seventy has dementia. Just as he accompanied his father’s footsteps into the actual property commercial enterprise, Trump is also following his father into the inescapable labyrinth of dementia.

Just as his father would now not let go of his function at the top of Trump Management even if he was demise from dementia, Trump will never stop clinging to his position as President of the USA regardless of how mentally debilitated he is.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control defines dementia as “a decline in mental potential intense enough to intrude with each day existence.” It may be divided into 3 ranges: preclinical, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and advanced. In the preclinical level, good sized signs and symptoms aren’t but apparent.

According to the National Institutes on Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment includes “symptoms of reminiscence and/or different questioning problems which might be more than regular for someone’s age and schooling, but that don’t intrude together with his or her independence.” In superior dementia, symptoms of reminiscence loss, word finding difficulty and different diminished mind function are so severe that individuals have trouble residing independently. As a result of the gradual progression of their disorder and demise from different maladies, many people with Mild Cognitive Impairment never attain the superior stage of dementia.

Trump can be recognized with Mild Cognitive Impairment due to the fact he’s continuously in the public eye such that all people who knows what to look for can see the signs and signs of Trump’s disease. He has many signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment, including negative reminiscence, word locating issue, slurred speech, linguistic decline, irritability, melancholy, mental confusion, loss of restraint, inexplicable mendacity, poor occupational performance, impaired judgment and paranoia.

In a speech saying his choice to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in December of 2017, as an example, Trump severely slurred his phrases. While a White House spokesperson claimed his slurring was because of dry mouth, the severity of the slurring became inconsistent with this clarification and became more likely brought on a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).

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Trump has made numerous other rambling and incoherent speeches throughout his candidacy and presidency, including a famously incoherent speech declaring that there was a national emergency at the Mexican border.

Experts in linguistics and psychology, who have compared Trump’s recorded statements in the 1990’s with more recent statements, have documented his marked linguistic decline.

Remember, Fox News simply laughs when Trump slurs his words. They don’t care to report the truth:

Trouble with phrase locating, consisting of the confusion of names, is a signature form of linguistic decline normally located in the center stage of dementia. Trump stated Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” at a White House occasion in March 2019. TIAs, as well as many small strokes, are resulting from reduced blood go with the flow to the mind, and are associated with the second most not unusual reason of dementia — vascular dementia. This form of dementia frequently co-exists with other varieties of dementia, together with Alzheimer’s, Lewy frame dementia and Parkinson’s disorder. Trump very likely suffers from mid-degree vascular dementia, and in all likelihood additionally suffers from the early results of Alzheimer’s. While Trump currently remains capable of speaking at exceptional period, he unluckily suffers from enormous neurocognitive decline this is positive to worsen.

We can not are expecting exactly how Trump’s cognitive decline will engage along with his well documented persona problems. Based on lots of Trump’s very own statements as well as dozens of accusations of criminal interest, many psychological and psychiatric professionals have concluded that Trump suffers from malignant narcissism and delinquent character disorder.

Disinhibition and agitation-paranoia are two common effects of dementia which could worsen conduct associated with antisocial personality sickness. If Trump’s dementia drastically damages his pre-frontal cortex, his impaired capability to inhibit delinquent impulses can be further diminished.

Trump’s dementia also places him at notably extended hazard of delusional thinking and aggressively agitated conduct. A delusion has been defined as “an unshakable theory or notion in something false and not possible, regardless of proof to the contrary.” Trump’s asserted notion inside the birther concept, his claims that weather trade is a hoax and fake claims that his father changed into born in Germany could all be delusions, or they might be lies associated with his cognitive impairment and persona problems.

While we cannot are expecting with precision how Trump will act, we will say with actuality that any selections he makes can be products of his impaired mind and his disordered character. The bodily and mental chaos between Trump’s ears are reflected by chaos inside the White House.

We are in a period of excessive danger due to this.