These Are 60MG THC Cannabis Infused Tampons! Yes, That’s Right, + A Homemade Recipe.

Tampons infused with marijuana! The idea is to allow the weed to be absorbed into your body via the vagina, and it will work to remove the pain you feel during the menstrual cycle.

While Foria’s “Relief” product has been nicknamed a “weed tampon,” it’s not exactly that. Rather than a cotton device, it’s a suppository pill that when inserted into the body quickly gets absorbed. 

As cannabis products enter the mainstream, two markets remain largely untapped: women’s health and sexuality. While various compounds in cannabis have long been thought to alleviate symptoms associated with pain and stress from menstruation, there hasn’t been a lot of research before to back it up.

But the company that makes marijuana products for women, including marijuana suppositories designed to target menstrual cramps is about to see how they work in treating the symptoms associated with periods.

The study, conducted by Harvard professor Staci Gruber, will look at survey responses from 400 women about menstrual cycle symptoms while using the suppository.

Gruber said she sees this as a first step in researching marijuana and women’s health. 

The observational study will survey participating women over a few months, recording what their symptoms are like while using the suppository.

The “weed tampon” contains 60MG THC and 10MG CBD but Foria says its typically with little or no psychoactive effects. 

Unfortunately it’s only for sale in the US, but there are only 3 ingredients in it. Cannabis, coconut oil and cocoa butter. So we did a recipe for those who want to make it themselves.


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