Any concentrate you’ll be getting your hands on will not likely have a concentration higher than 60 to 90% THC. This was only true until THCA hit the market.

THCA Is Basically Supercharged THC

THCA Crystalline

THCA Crystalline (not to be mixed up with the un-activated cannabinoid THCa) is the purest form of cannabis concentrate that is scientifically able to be made.

With a 99.9% pure THC content, this product rivals anything currently on the market, with since most concentrates are below 90%. The strongest flower one can get on the market ranges from only 30-35% THC purity, which goes to show cannabis consumers how supercharged the THC content is in THCA Crystalline.

Advancement Of Concentrates & Extraction Methods

THCA Diamond

In recent years, dabbing and the popularity of waxes, oils, rosin, and other concentrate products has left cannabis enthusiasts hungry for more concentrates that pack more of a punch.

THCA Crystalline will probably be as punchy as it gets, in terms of the potency of the cannabis plant.

Initially manufactured in Southern California, the end product of the advanced extraction process reveals a rock-like substance that is clear in color. The extraction process is so advanced, that there are no cannabinoids present in THCA Crystalline, therefore, the medicinal or therapeutic benefits of this substance are low when compared to leaf.

On the other hand, users who have tried this concentrate report a different kind of THC-high. An energetic, stimulating, and mentally-clarifying high is reported as opposed to the mellow kind of high one gets with the flower.

Benefits Of THCA Crystalline

THCA Crystalline Health Benefits

With THC therapy becoming an important part of the medical cannabis movement, those who engage in THC therapy are guaranteed the purest and most fast-effecting treatment through THCA Crystalline.

In addition, due to its purity, dosing is way more precise whereas, with other concentrates, there is some variability in the potency of each dose.