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Pre-Dementia Linked to Certain Personali...

Certain personality traits have been linked to developing syndromes which can precede dementia, according to a study. Openness was associated with a lower risk of developing the pre-dementia syndrome motoric cognitive risk, which is characterized by a slow gait and thinking problems. Neuroticism was meanwhile tied to an increased risk of mild cognitive impairment, where a person has minor […]

How Deep Sleep May Help The Brain Clear ...

The brain waves generated during deep sleep appear to trigger a cleaning system in the brain that protects it against Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Electrical signals known as slow waves appear just before a pulse of fluid washes through the brain, presumably removing toxins associated with Alzheimer’s, researchers reported Thursday in the journal Science. The finding could […]

7 rules to reduce your risk of Alzheimer...

During the last Alzheimer’s disease support meeting I attended at my mother’s assisted living center, I sheepishly asked if anyone else was worried about their own risk for the disease. A lot of hands went up. At age 65, your risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is 2% a year. If you have a parent […]

Remember Love (A Song About Alzheimer’s

This exceptional song, “Remember Love”, captures those moments that connect us to our loved ones struggling with loss of memory, and living in that moment. Remember Love (Lyrics) You’re on the outside looking inNot quite sure of where you’ve beenUnnamed faces, familiar placesWill you connect it all again Can’t hold the moments that made you mineWe’re […]

Family Caregivers: do this one thing to ...

Do you have some ‘go to’ strategies or tools to reduce your feelings of stress? How about something that is quick and effectively dials down the stress right on the spot? This is where breathing exercises come in. They are portable, quick and remarkably effective.  You can change your mental and physical state in literally […]

Dementia and responsive behaviours: it’s

Are any of the following interactions and thoughts familiar to you? “Why is Dad upset all the time?… he was never like that before.” “What’s going on with Mom? …she doesn’t want to go anywhere with me. ” “Dad accused me of stealing. I feel awful! I’d never take anything from him!” If yes, you are not […]

Marijuana Chokes Alzheimer’s-Related Bra

In a large take a look at of 26,000 people, the hippocampus “choked” on marijuana. (The hippocampus is the brain’s reminiscence and learning middle.) Marijuana lowered blood go with the flow to levels unseen in every other institution. Find out why this strongly indicates better vulnerability to Alzheimer’s. As the U.S. Races to legalize marijuana […]

Alzheimer’s dementia stages: what to exp

There are different stages associated with Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative and progressive form of dementia that affects the areas of the brain responsible for memory, language, and thought processes. There are also some changes that the family caregiver can not only expect in the person they are caring for, but also in their role as […]

Scientists Reveal How Light and Sound Th...

“Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia,a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases.”  Here are some basic statistics and facts about Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the […]

Red Plates for Eating with Dementia

If you couldn’t see your mashed potatoes,  you probably wouldn’t eat them. That’s why what “The Red Plate Study” found was astonishing! Alzheimer’s patients eating from red plates consumed 25 percent more food than those eating from white plates. Find out why. Boston University Biopsychologist Alice Cronin-Golomb and her research partners designed the “red plate […]

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