Most of the time you probably look at games as a waste of time, or many people do anyway. They consume time that could be used for other things, like reading or spending time in the outdoors. However, there are important things that you can get out of your time playing video games.

Yes, if your video game playing is keeping you from caring for your kids, keeping your kids from doing their homework, or it’s affecting the cleanliness of your home, then it could be a bad thing. But if you are monitoring your time, and your children’s time, playing games, you can all get something good out of that game play.

Whether you are playing games on a gaming console, on your computer, or you are simply playing one of your favorite Android games on your smartphone or tablet, you are developing your critical thinking skills. You have to decide which door to open, what corridor to go down, and which zombies you have the time to stop and kills.

These critical thinking skills can help you in the real world. You’ll learn more about fight or flight. And, you’ll even learn more about why it’s sometimes important to think before you act, and why sometimes you have to act because there is no time to think.