Old Age Home Faces Backlash After Meal Photo Goes Viral

An antique age domestic in Australia received harsh grievance after a photograph of a resident’s meal went viral. On Christmas day, at least one resident seemed on their plate to peer two scoops of mashed potatoes on a skinny layer of baked beans. The resident reportedly broke out into tears over the incident, and a tourist took a picture of the meal to share on social media.

After it seemed online, many individuals expressed dismay over the incident, critiquing the presentation and absence of range and nutrients of the dish. Additionally, they took offense to the idea of serving some thing so simple on Christmas.

Vales Nursing Home is placed in Morphett Vale, south of Adelaide. After listening to humans’s issues, the home states the resident’s meal inside the picture isn’t the primary Christmas Day meal. Additionally, it promised to regulate the way it presents food inside the destiny.


Today a few nursing home citizens were served beans and mash for Xmas Lunch,” says @NatCookMP on Twitter. “I’m following up with the facility.”

Many individuals have come ahead considering that this photograph went viral. These humans represent numerous ranges of administrative authority – and include involved civilians. All Care Aged Care, parent enterprise to Vales Nursing Home, sought to clarify the character of that meal. The parent agency said that the meal became now not the resident’s legit Christmas lunch. Rather, it changed into a light nighttime meal despatched with the aid of request. All Care Aged Care did agree, though, that the meal became “very poorly presented.” However, the organisation additionally shared images of a fuller meal that it stated is a normal Christmas lunch.

The company further promised actions to parent out what happened and ensure it won’t show up again. “We will honestly investigate If the published picture changed into served as an nighttime meal alternative,” they wrote. They additionally said they may “immediately make sure such food […] are served in a much more appetizing way.”

A announcement from the enterprise went on to connection with scope of the work achieved for that vintage age home. “We serve approximately 185,000 food a yr and expect all to be of a excessive general.” The corporation promised that they could be “tracking the matter carefully to ensure no lack in presentation or best in meals happens at any stage.”


Many who noticed the picture of that meal still frown upon it. Firstly, they dislike that it become served on Christmas inside the first area. Local kingdom parliament Member Nat Cook advised the antique age domestic to do so after the visitor despatched her a photo and shared how sad and lonely the resident felt. She later said, “This is a particularly lousy searching plate of food on any day, but on Christmas…”

Some skeptics sense there may be a struggle of interest here. They point out that the chief government of the antique age domestic, Neil Pahuja, is likewise the deputy chairman of the Aged Care Industry Association. They fear that because of this function, a thorough followup is not likely. People want accountability and correct statistics.

Pahuja said that a hundred and five of the 170 citizens chose that bean and potato meal. Of those 105 citizens, 10 percent wanted something else as soon as the meals arrived, which they were given, consistent with ABC. The nursing home has laid its playing cards out, and critics have provided their grievances. Ultimately, the cease purpose is consolation and happiness for senior citizens, and we are able to simplest desire the issue can be cleared up quickly.

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