MLB will remove marijuana from list of banned substances for minor leaguers

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reports that, as part of MLB and the MLBPA’s current agreement on a remedy program for opioids, the league will also dispose of marijuana from the listing of banned materials for minor leaguers. As Rosenthal notes, predominant league players aren’t tested for marijuana but minor leaguers are.

Though using medicinal marijuana has been decriminalized in maximum of the U.S., the drug stays illegal on the federal stage. It is classed as a Schedule I drug along with other substances together with heroin, peyote, and ecstasy.

It is high-quality to see the league being ahead-thinking in this unique issue. The messaging on marijuana has, for decades, been deceptive. As a end result, the drug grew a recognition it didn’t deserve. In this point in time, many gamers use or have used the drug with out it having a first-rate impact on their lives. In many cases, the impact is effective. Former Astros first baseman Jon Singleton remains a well-known outlier. Furthermore, trying out for and accordingly having to punish gamers for the usage of marijuana removes any incentive for the player to be sincere and are seeking for assist if the drug affects their lives negatively. This, along side the opioid program, with any luck consequences in gamers feeling cozy sufficient to seek the help they want in the event that they need it.

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