“I had 4th STAGE prostate cancer, Here’s how I defeat it!”

Is there a possibility that the cancer cure is at hand, and we do not know it? Can we believe the claims that the ordinary baking soda can completely heal cancer? We can and we should, since numerous testimonies by cancer patients claim the same.

Vernon Johnston was told by the doctors that he would not live long, and that there is no salvation for him, but he was completely recovered after few weeks! Using baking soda, he succeeded in defeating a prostate cancer stage 4, which even spread to the bone marrow.

Due to the level of stress to which people are exposed and all bad-quality products in the world, causing a vicious circle of corporate capitalist system and diseases in the world, numerous people are suffering.

Vernon said that because of cancer expansion due to the increased toxin levels in all segments of society, from contaminated water, food, vaccines, to the poisoned air, people are dying all over the world.

So, a change must occur.

Larry, his brother, said that “When Vernon was diagnosed with cancer, I told him that he should try to increase the pH in the body, because cancer cannot be developed in an alkaline environment.”

Vernon, following his advice, bought a cesium chloride to increase the pH-level in his system. Without panic or fear although his doctors said he would not live much longer, Vernon approached the issue. In addition, he did not undergo any other treatments, but he thought to defeat the disease with cesium chloride.

He was determined to kill the cancer before it killed him. However, during transport, cesium chloride which he had ordered was lost, and due to lack of time, he looked for another option with which he could raise the pH-level in his body.

The solution was simple: a drug made of baking soda and maple syrup.As he did not have maple syrup in the kitchen, he used the molasses.

The whole treatment, the protocol that is used, which included a diet that promotes alkalinity, minerals, vitamin supplements and a lot of sunlight with baking soda and molasses, which replaced the maple syrup, all was recorded in Vernon’s diary.

The cheapest, the safest and perhaps the most effective remedy that exists for treating canceris sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Baking soda has no negative effect, it can only help in the fight against cancer.

Maple syrup allows baking soda to enter into the cancer cells to attack them with alkalinity and destroy them by oxidizing. Molasses also helped, even gave him a better mineral basis as nutritional support. However, most alternative cancer treatments involve complete abstention from sugar, since it feeds cancer cells.


Put two teaspoons of baking soda (for oral consumption) in a cup and add a bit of molasses or maple syrup. Then, pour a little water. Repeat this in another pot on the stove to get little warm, and then mix all.

This drink should be consumed several times a day.

Here is a video for how to prepare this remedy:

Vernon says that it is vital to cleanse your body from acidity in case of cancer. Soda is simply the best solution to increase alkaline environment in the body, with the renunciation of “sugar” of course and the food that raises the acidity of the bod.

After a few weeks of conducting this treatment, the medical examination confirmed that has entirely cured the prostate cancer and bone marrow.

Now he lives to tell his experience and to “enlighten” people in need of his miraculous cure.

Source: www.healthyandnaturallife.com

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