I have fibromyalgia. It’s no fun.. I feel your pain (literally). I have found personally though that weighted blankets really help, for me with the insomnia aspect of fibro especially, as I found they help to relax the nervous system so you don’t always have that fight or flight feeling.

If you ended up here, I’m sure it means that you have been desperately looked for something that could help with the chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia or other related conditions.

A weighted blanket can (and should) resemble a regular blanket. In fact, at SensaCalm, we often receive positive feedback from customers who appreciate how our blankets are made to resemble regular blankets — not “therapy blankets” or medical equipment. We offer custom weighted blankets in a variety of patterns, colors and prints. We also offer waterproof fabrics and double-sided cuddle fabrics in both prints and solids. And if you fall in love with a fabric we don’t offer, we’ll even make a custom order with your fabric of choice.  

If you’ve read some of our articles, you could recognize with the aid of now that the usage of a weighted blanket offers a experience of protection, safety and security and eases anxiety and strain among different things.

It does so by way of touching positive stress factors inside the frame that allows release the feel-precise hormones, someone with fibromyalgia and chronic ache are missing, like serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine I referred to earlier than.

Using a weighted blanket helps your frame manage and calm those sensory overloads which can purpose pain and anxiety, making it a first-rate regular remedy that gained’t cost a fortune and, fortuitously, has no actual side consequences either.

I will add that a heavy blanket implemented over the frame facilitates to calm down a hyperactive or hypersensitized worried gadget, helping the frame to loosen up the nerve endings and relieve pain.

As the body learns to chill out and loosen up on a regular basis, recovery can take region more correctly as you start resting better and having less discomfort.

It may sound too suitable to be proper, however it’s miles certainly easy technological know-how based totally on stress contact remedy and basic nicely-being and rest.

It’s clean that the blessings of using a heavy blanket a ways outweigh what I’ve stated right here, because it also allows decrease other sub-signs and symptoms which are because of a life with pain.