Henry Ford Built a Hemp Car That Ran on Hemp Fuel 80 Years Ago

Henry Ford constructed a automobile out of hemp plastic that ran on hemp gasoline nearly a century in the past. Why aren’t we using it today?

A 12 months in the past, Jay Leno featured a tale about “the world’s first carbon-terrible vehicle” made from hemp plastic. The body of the auto is lighter than fiberglass, ten instances more potent than steel and can run on recycled agricultural waste:

“The last goal Jay is to introduce the sector’s first carbon-poor car, and the key to that is going lower back to what Henry Ford endorsed again in 1941, and that’s the concept to make the entirety you probably can, inclusive of your fuels, out of plant fabric,” investor Bruce Dietzen says.

The carbon footprint of manufacturing a preferred car is 10 heaps. Because hemp sequesters carbon, the automobiles would be at the least carbon-impartial, he motives.

While Ford’s car wasn’t made completely of hemp, it was one of the numerous plant substances in his 1941 bio-plastic Model T, and in reality the component that made it harder than metallic:

The car ran on ethanol made from hemp or pretty much any agricultural waste.

But because growing hemp within the United States became basically outlaqed in 1937 because of its association with its THC-containing cousin, it became impractical for Ford to mass-produce automobiles that relied upon a regular supply of it.

If we’re fortunate, the Hemp Farming Act will bypass with this 12 months’s farm bill, so Ford and Dietzen’s prototypes can revolutionize the auto organisation.

“Why burn up the forests, which have been centuries in the making, and the mines, which required some time to place down, if we will get the equal of woodland and mineral products within the annual growth of the hemp fields?” ~ Henry Ford

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