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Healthy diet Save life

Healthy diet Save life

Health is very important for every human being. It is necessary for life. If you do not care for your health. You will be ill. A good diet will provide good health. It is possible only when you will be careful with your food. You must do regular exercise that will keep you fit. When you go to the club they will give you a diet plan and you have to follow them. Once you go on this way you will be always healthy. We have been through much research and everyone proposed their plan but you have to follow those who are your trainer and they know about you. Health is wealth. You will never get it when you got ill. It is hard then to spend the same life as you spend before. We always recommend being careful.

WHO did a lot of research about health. Their basic purpose is to promote health. They said in a research that is the only thing that can save you from many diseases and it is only possible when you get a good diet. You must take everything equal in food as sugar salt and etc. every trainer proposes their diet and you must take the diet which is better for you. If you have a personal trainer he can propose the best diet for you. He is with you and that makes it more important. WHO recommends that when a child is born he must be fed by her/his mother. They will be healthy as the mother is healthy than anything in the world. It has long time health and children are healthier than having something else. It is important to breastfeed the child until 6 months.

They recommend that eat more vegetables and fruits. These are a necessary source of vitamins and minerals. They also contain protein and which is necessary for health. If they follow this die there will be few chances to get ill. They will be always healthier. Vegetables and fruits have less chance to be ill and we recommend this diet to follow and always will be healthy.

  • Eat less fat to be save from disease.
  • Take less sugar in your diet.
  • You must reduce salt in food.
  • You must do exercise.

They have recommended those things and that must be followed to be healthy. It is necessary for a good health.

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