Ginger Tea Gummies

These gelatin treats are a beautiful and nourishing addition to a gut-healing diet. To make them, we make a strong ginger tea, and then add gelatin and optional sweetener. The sweetness these sweeteners provide can encourage children to consume needed liquids, and gummies made with these can be useful as rewards and incentives to finish soup 🙂

Be sure to read the notes below about gelatin and stevia/monkfruit as they are not specifically called out as ‘okay’ on the GAPS Introduction diet. That said, many of us have found them not only okay but also beneficial to healing the gut.

These GAPS Intro gummies can be made using peppermint tea or any other tea as well!


The GAPS Intro diet is a very powerful, yet restrictive and strict protocol designed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to heal the gut. We did GAPS Intro on our quest for autism recovery, and ended up healing dairy allergies and eczema in the process!

The GAPS Diet is a strict elimination diet, starting with only very easy to digest low-allergen foods, and then slowly but persistently adding in more varieties of food as the digestive tract heals and the GAPS patient can tolerate them. Read everything you need to know about the GAPS Diet here.

The GAPS Intro goes in ‘stages’ and my best-selling e-book What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days On the GAPS Intro Diet walks you through the stages day-by-day. I used this protocol for my own family with amazing success, though it was a struggle to understand at first. That’s why I put together this printable ebook- to help you save time, energy, and confusion.

In stage 3 on day 15 we introduce these beautiful and delicious gummies, which are such a treat after 14 days of soup, boiled meat, and boiled vegetables!

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