“If I could, I would take the pain; put the pain in an envelope and send it back to the sender. “Mario Quintana

 Fibromyalgia is characterized as a syndrome whose main symptom is pain without a specific organic cause. For proper treatment, you should consult a specialist doctor. The form of pathology assessment occurs through clinical examinations in the doctor’s office. Therefore, research related to fibromyalgia seeks to understand and deepen this pathology, so that the most adequate understanding can be drawn, in order to provide a quality of life.

“The pain seems to damage our physical integrity.” Clarice Lispector

A body will always be a “thing” for the subject. Thus, to live each being depends on living in a body. In this way, passions, affects, ideas are considered by the principle of classical philosophy, the localization of human ailments – evoked by a body – as a necessary support function. The analysis of the body constitutes a relation of relevance between the existing and its materiality. It is at the heart of major questions that go beyond time, culture, life, birth, death, and also an intrinsic theme of psychoanalysis: sexuality.

In this article, we will discuss physical and mental pain without an organic cause. We will state here, a syndrome which does not find a specific organic cause – we will call it “disease of the soul”. The syndrome, including chronic pain with no known organic causation, is a source of suffering for patients and a challenge for health professionals. This syndrome is at the border of rheumatology and psychosomatic pathology, with comorbidities of disorders and a deterioration in the quality of professional, social and family life.

Fibromyalgia is a clinical syndrome that manifests as pain throughout the body, primarily in the muscles. The syndrome has symptoms of fatigue, exercise intolerance and restless sleep – the person always wakes up tired. Doctors classify fibromyalgia as a syndrome because it characterizes a group of symptoms without a specific cause being identified.

There is no single known cause for fibromyalgia, but there are signs to identify it. More recent studies have shown that fibromyalgia patients are more sensitive to pain than those who do not suffer from the disease. This is not related to being “strong” or “weak” in relation to the pain. In fact, it works as if the fibromyalgia brain was a deregulated compass that would activate the entire nervous system to make the person feel more pain. Thus, the nerves, spinal cord and brain would increase the intensity of any painful stimulus.

The pain of fibromyalgia is real. There are advanced experimental studies shoing the functioning of the brain and fibromyalgia patients experiencing pain. Studies have also been done with the fluid that bathes the spinal cord and brain (CSF) and it has been found that the substances that cause pain in the brain are three to four times higher in fibromyalgia patients than in people without problem.

Patients and doctors seem to better understand the causes of pain when there is inflammation, a bruise, a tumor, which are there, visible, causing the pain. In fibromyalgia, it’s different; if we take a piece of muscle that hurts and look at the microscope, we will find nothing – because the problem lies only in the perception of pain.

Epidemiological data indicate a higher incidence of this clinical entity in young women, but we cannot fail to approach men, with a high sensitivity to pain. Society and many researchers insist on proclaiming that women suffer more than men, however, under the eyes of a psychoanalyst, the man suffers as much as he emphasizes the suffering of the female sex. It cannot be generalized and rationalized that the female sex is more sensitive than the male sex. Men must still omit their feelings so that they do not appear weak. It is a precarious condition of human observation.

Whatever the gender, there is an absence of evidence in the materiality of the body and the presence of psychopathological factors makes diagnosis and treatment difficult. Faced with the diversity and factors involved in certain syndromes. It is necessary to indicate a multidisciplinary approach for a treatment with more effective results.

In this context, while professionals are looking for a remedy for their pain, patients are demanding recognition of this syndrome which causes a lot of suffering.