Fibromyalgia, Restless Legs Syndrome. Do your feet burn? Can’t find a position? Are you feeling a horrible nuisance?

What it’s far: Restless legs syndrome, first defined by a Swedish neurologist within the Forties, is a neurological disease characterized through the advent of surprising movements of the legs, called myoclonus, that seem in the course of sleep, in relation to the belief of sensory alterations, which force their mobilization.
Who is affected? Restless legs syndrome is a incredibly common syndrome. It is estimated to have an effect on about 15% of the overall population. Its frequency increases with age and is greater not unusual in subjects over 50 years, especially in the aged. What are the causes:The starting place of this ailment is not acknowledged nowadays, however there can be a aspect of genetic predisposition, considering the fact that at the least a 3rd of sufferers have a family records.
On the alternative hand, it’s miles believed that the foundation of this syndrome may be related to a lower in dopamine , that’s a brain neurotransmitter essential for the overall performance and coordination of movements.

What are the symptoms:

We are in all likelihood dealing with a greater common syndrome than is assumed considering the fact that commonly people think that it is only a cramp, and consequently they do not are searching for the perfect remedy (in reality it does now not resemble a cramp inside the least). It consists of a series of annoyances;

fire is felt within the ft, but while touched they may be now not warm, ugly sensations, difficult to describe, inclusive of actions, unexpected contractions, which seem often within the decrease limbs in the course of the night time. These pain temporarily improve with the overall performance of actions , on foot, which secondarily produces micro-awakenings that fragment and disrupt sleep , resulting in immoderate daylight hours sleepiness. Patient soreness and secondary lack of sleep can be tremendous, and may gift for the duration of sleep. Day pain and nervousness within the legs, while at rest.

(You can’t get a secure role, the legs are as though they had a existence in their own, extraordinarily unpleasant)

How it is diagnosed: The analysis is made in Neurology, but it requires the presence of 4 basic elements:

The choice to move the legs, commonly associated with Paresthesia, numbness and tingling are peculiar sensations, that can occur in any part of the body, however are extra common in the hands, toes, legs and arms.

This phenomenon may be known as by using different names, which include:

lack of sensation, lack of sensation, tingling and numbness, numbness or burning (fire), or lack of superficial and deep sensation.

Increase in signs and symptoms with relaxation and comfort with interest. Motor restlessness.

(desperate want to move legs) Night worsening of symptoms.

Carrying out a sleep examine (polysomnographic examine) is in a position to expose this syndrome.

What is your treatment: Treatment is frequently complicated, and can require numerous therapeutic trials to gain the preferred advantage.

Since a lower in dopamine launch seems to be concerned within the genesis of this syndrome, dopamine agonists (which includes pergolide and carbidopa, levodopa, pramipexole), that have been powerful within the remedy of Parkinson’s sickness, are being utilized in sufferers with restless legs syndrome, being considered the treatment of preference (with wonderful outcomes).

Other alternatives are amitriptyline, carbamazepine, and gabapentin. The benzodiazepines administered before bedtime save you frequent awakening, however no longer nocturnal moves.

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