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Fibromyalgia Makes Me Feel Like I’ve Been Beaten Up by Invisible Elves

Fibromyalgia pain for me appears like I’ve been crushed up through invisible elves. I’ve defined it like this before in some other article and I’ll reiterate it again. I describe it like this due to the fact, although fun, I wish it offers people a word to talk the random, stressful and agonizing nature of the ache.

I became first made painfully aware about my circumstance once I as soon as awakened crying inside the midnight because it felt like a person had beaten me up. I turned into disorientated and touched my legs and arms tentatively. I felt bruised however couldn’t see any bruises. I appeared round my dorm room attempting to find a perpetrator, but my room became empty without a signal of a damage in. I turned into stumped. The abruptness of the ache and the heaviness of my limbs stuck me by way of marvel. I racked my mind seeking to do not forget if I had carried something heavy the day before or had run a marathon and now not remembered. Nope, this become simply the first symptoms of my fibromyalgia.

I often describe the intensity of the ache as constantly being pricked with needles, whilst simultaneously being hit by way of a hammer inside the depths of my body.

There are instances when I all of sudden cry out in surprise because it simply appears like someone has stabbed me with a knife from the interior of my lower back. I catch myself earlier than I flip round to verbally attack the wrongdoer, because – you guessed it! – it’s my body that’s the perpetrator.

And there are instances whilst the sharpness and extended nature of the pain leave me panting. I’ve had my brother jokingly question whether or not I become in exertions. My face concentrated and I’m trying to preserve in my cries, however often I can’t. The ache literally screams itself from my frame with me reeling from the strength of it.

Fibromyalgia ache manifests itself in a different way for each person. And lamentably with the constant debate over the real clinical nature of fibromyalgia, frequently people describe signs on help boards, desperately thinking whether every manifestation of ache is part of the circumstance or something else…

For now I’ll hold using the beaten up with the aid of invisible elves tale.


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