There are three phases of an Epilepsy Seizure:

Emanation Stage

For certain kinds of seizures, a quality occurs before a seizure and may alarm an individual that a seizure may happen. Qualitys commonly start seconds before the seizure.The side effects that go with an atmosphere can change contingent upon the sort of seizure and the region of the cerebrum influenced. A few side effects of atmosphere include:

Strange sentiments

Strange sensations

Constrained reasoning

This feels familiar (natural sentiments) or jamais vu (new emotions)

Seen sounds, tastes, or scents (a few people report smelling consuming elastic, for instance)

Physical sensations, similar to dazedness, cerebral pain, deadness, and discombobulation


Twisted feelings, for example, frenzy or dread

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we offer a propelled treatment intended to forestall seizures before they begin, and frequently before a patient feels the quality . The NeuroPace Responsive Neurostimulation System (RNS) is a minor gadget that distinguishes strange cerebrum action and reacts progressively to convey short blasts of electrical incitement intended to diminish how frequently seizures occur. RNS treatment is only one of a few treatment alternatives we give, from the most recent enemy of epileptic medications to Visualase MRI-guided laser warm removal, a modern strategy that utilizes lasers to demolish seizure-causing tissue with pinpoint precision.

Ictus Stage

The ictus arrange is simply the seizure. Signs and manifestations at this stage will change contingent upon the sort of seizure your tyke encounters.

There are summed up seizures, including tonic-clonic (excellent mal), tonic, clonic, nonappearance (petite mal), myoclonic and atonic seizures.There are additionally incomplete (central) seizures, including basic fractional (basic central) and complex halfway (psychomotor) seizures.

Post-Ictal Stage

This is the post-seizure organize. As your tyke’s body unwinds and recoup from the seizure, a few eventual outcomes may set in. This stage may differ long from a moment or 2 up to a half hour or significantly more. Indications of the post-ictal stage may include:




Loss of cognizance

Loss of bladder or gut control


Incomplete (impermanent) loss of motion