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Defence Therapeutics’ new COVID vaccine achieves successful testing

Biotechnology professionals Defence Therapeutics have sensationally introduced that their new COVID vaccine has tested effectiveness in a non-rodent version.
The new COVID vaccine – known as AccuVAC-PT001 – has passed through a non-GLP observe on rabbits, showing a mighty humoral reaction with titer achieving 1:43 000 000 in step with common, with no symptoms of toxicity. Defence Therapeutics have analysed its AccuVAC-PT001 vaccine previously in mice models.

A new weapon in opposition to COVID

This new COVID vaccine is fairly immunogenic, generating antibodies that go-reacted with all tested editions, even the Delta stress. In addition to neutralisation and mechanistic research, Defence Therapeutics re-examined AccuVAC-PT001 in rabbits with a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) as a 2nd non-rodent animal version.

The rabbits who have been administered the vaccine developed a sturdy humoral reaction, with next physical exam over 42 days revealing no trade in frame weight, interest, or behaviour. Furthermore, there has been no found rash or changes of look at the injection sites.

Sebastien Plouffe, the President, CEO and Director of Defence Therapeutics, commented: “Defence’s next step is a GLP look at with a purpose to allow us to offer our product, AccuVAC-PT001, to Health Canada and the FDA. Once cleared, Defence can provoke a Phase I/IIa on its COVID vaccine in wholesome people.

“Defence’s Accum technology is fantastically versatile and may be carried out to any protein. Results have demonstrated from past and current vaccine research that the AccuVAC-PT001 platform enables the design of novel protein-based totally vaccines with a purpose to amplify the immune response that may be generated through contemporary vaccines.”

Coronavirus is evolving at a fast price toward evading vaccine-brought on immunity. The data received in the course of this testing signified that the AccuVAC-PT001 vaccine is talented in combatting an array of presently circulating variations, highlighting how important endured studies and development is to neutralise capacity novel variants and destiny mutations efficaciously.

About Defence Therapeutics
Defence Therapeutics is a publicly-traded biotechnology organization working on engineering the subsequent-generation vaccines and ADC merchandise using its proprietary platform. The core of the Defence Therapeutics platform is the ACCUMTM technology, which allows precision shipping of vaccine antigens or ADCs of their intact shape to target cells. As a result, increased efficacy and potency can be reached towards catastrophic illnesses inclusive of cancer and infectious sicknesses.


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