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Cloe smith missing update.

Cloe Smith who was disappearing by 36 years old man was recovered successfully by police after four days. She was Australian girl and was kidnapped from her family tent.

He kept her for 18 days and when she was discovering from his home and he said that he did this act. When police his home in Carnarvon she was playing in his bedroom and police take her in their custody and arrest Kelly. He was bring to the court and was abducted with this criminal act and send him to the jail.

He was guilty and he himself accept this kidnapping. This is the biggest case in Australian history and solved it in a month to find cloe in 18 days. This is very interesting that no one know how police reach to Kelly and found cloe and police have to submit the report to the court. They have to reveal in the court that why Kelly took cloe and police were able to caught Kelly still it is not revealed. Cloe family refuses to talk to media and only thanking the community for their support and they do not want to any problem that’s why they refuse to talk to media.

Media reach to the family and offered them a huge amount to give them interview but they do not the accept the offer. They refuse it just to keep it secret. Media want to pay them 2 million for interview which is the highest and previously media paid 1 million to one person who has different case. Before the court Kelly did not say anything but his neighbor said that she hopes that Kelly will tell the truth before the court. She was frustrated that why no one from his family attended the court where are his family member and why they are not attending the court.

It was very nice of the community that all combine and help cloe parents to find her. It is the community because of whom they find out cloe and now she is with them. Kelly will appear before court and will learn about his sentence. As now no one know that why he kidnapped her and all the people are worried about this and they want that everything should be in front them. He facing this and have another charges that he was charge of insulting police officer. They are investigating this matter and public want everything to be shown and they want why Kelly do this.

This is biggest case in Australian history. That a four year old girl is kidnapped and later she was discovering from a bedroom. Kelly who kidnapped cloe was arrested. Now all the media is waiting that why he kidnapped her. She was discovered and sends her back to home. Media try to reach cloe parents and pay them for interview but they refuse to talk to media. This case is solved in a month with the help of community and parents tanks them and are living at home.


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