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Cleaner living: Plant-friendly is planet...

Climate change is in the news more and more, and the projections from virtually all of the world’s climate scientists are becoming increasingly dire. Almost daily, we are confronted with images of extreme weather patterns, disease outbreaks, and the loss of certain species. It is almost biblical in proportion. Most poignant, to me, are the […]

How does food production affect the clim...

About 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. About half of this is from the livestock sector alone. And it’s not just the greenhouse gasses that are the problem. Food production occupies about 40% of the global land, uses about 70% of our fresh water (which is increasingly in short supply in […]

Make a difference with a planet-friendly...

The good news is that simply by making some changes to your diet, by adopting what is known as a “planet-friendly” diet, it is possible to contribute to the solution to climate change. It’s merely a question of knowing which foods are the worst climate offenders, and then either transitioning away from these foods or […]

Healthier for you and the environment

Fortunately, the foods that are healthy for the climate almost completely overlap with the foods that are healthy for your physical well-being. Cutting down on beef in favor of plant-based protein, even once a week, can lower the risk factors for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. So, the next time you start reaching for that […]

Cancer treatment: Is a clinical trial ri...

Clinical trials are research studies that test a new drug or therapy in patients who have a disease. These studies are classified as phase I, II, or III depending on their purpose. Phase I: These initial, small studies test promising new drugs that effectively kill cancer cells in laboratory experiments. The goal is to understand […]

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The traditional Mediterranean diet is based on foods available in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. The foundation for this healthy diet includes an abundance of plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, which are minimally processed, seasonally fresh, and grown locally olive oil as the principal source of fat cheese and […]

Mediterranean all day

There are many ways to incorporate the delicious foods of the Mediterranean diet into your daily menu. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Breakfast: whole-grain bread topped with a small amount of low-fat cheese and slices of fresh tomato, drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil vegetable omelet made with mushrooms, […]

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