Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Wine Exists For Those Who Prefer Weed To Alcohol

I don’t mind the taste of white wine but I also don’t like the way drinking alcohol makes me feel so I never drink it. I do, however, like to chill sometimes with a little bit of weed. Now there’s a product that wants to give me (and everyone who feels the same as I do) the best of both worlds: cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic wine.

1. THANK YOU, REBEL COAST WINERY.The company has been around since 2012 and has always made both red and white wines with one goal in mind: to “make wine for everybody. No ‘chateau,’ no last names in cursive, no ‘100-year-old tradition,’ no $80 price tag.” Basically, they want “to simply make wines to excite the rebellious spirit in us all.” Their cannabis-infused wine is another example of this approach.

2. IT’S CALLED REBEL COAST CANNABIS INFUSED SAUVIGNON BLANC.There’s less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, but in its place, Rebel Coast has added an impressive 20 mg of THC. That equals about 5 mg of THC per glass, so while you won’t get stoned out of your gourds, it is enough to give you a nice buzz.

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4. IF YOU’RE CONCERNED ABOUT CALORIES, MORE GOOD NEWS AWAITS.Normal wine tends to have about 150 calories per glass thanks to the alcohol. Since Rebel Coast’s Cannabis wine doesn’t contain alcohol, it comes in at about 35 calories per glass. All the reason to drink more!

5. IT’S A GODSEND FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T DRINK.While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional glass of wine or beer (or spirits, if that’s your thing), more and more people in their 20s are choosing to go alcohol-free, or at least are drinking way less alcohol than previous generations. Offering the wine experience without the wine hangover is a pretty genius approach, I think.

6. IT’S NOT NECESSARILY THE CHEAPEST WINE YOU’LL GET.It comes in at $60 a bottle, which seems fair given the THC content. However, it’s also the THC content that means you can’t just go into your local liquor store and pick a bottle up. You’ll need to visit a licensed dispensary in California to get a hold of this for now, but hopefully it’ll become available in other states where weed is legalized in the future.


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