Bill Gates Commits $10 Million More for Alzheimer’s Research to ‘Part the Cloud’

Bill Gates is continuing to pour money into Alzheimer’s research efforts. The billionaire philanthropist is funding a new $10 million award for an Alzheimer’s Association program called “Part the Cloud”—a global research program that’s meant to spur what the agency calls “high-risk, high-reward” Alzheimer’s and dementia research, including new drugs, diagnostics, and ways of tracking brain activity.

Gates’ award to Part the Cloud (which is led by fellow philanthropist Mikey Hoag) will add on to $20 million that the Alzheimer’s Association is raising as part of the joint effort. That would, in the span of just one year, double the total research investment in the program over seven years to $60 million.

As the groups explained, Part the Cloud’s focus here is less on late-stage Alzheimer’s drugs that have had a rather abysmal track record for decades; rather, the money will be used to fuel early-stage clinical studies that examine new avenues of tackling dementia.

“The Alzheimer’s Association Part the Cloud program is impressive and accelerating early clinical phases of drug development to slow, stop, and ultimately cure the disease,” said Gates in a statement.


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