Beijing: US Legalization Of Cannabis Is A “Threat To China”

As CNN stated, Beijing’s main drug enforcement body has blamed the hashish legalization in Canada and some US states for a spike within the wide variety of drugs smuggled into the u . S ., describing it as a “new risk to China.”

At a press conference in Beijing nowadays, Liu Yuejin, deputy director of the China National Narcotics Control Commission, stated that the range of hashish users in China had grown by greater than 25% in 2018, rising to about 24,000 humans.
“In years, we have located growing hashish trafficked from North America to China,” he stated, although he conceded there have been “few hashish abusers in China” relative to the full populace.
According to Liu, China intercepted one hundred fifteen packages sent thru international postal parcels, containing a total of “fifty five kilograms (1940 oz) of cannabis and cannabis merchandise” in 2018.

Liu said that maximum of the suspects related to the seized parcels were overseas students or students who had come home after operating abroad. He said maximum of the medicine were transported through global explicit delivery. Liu did no longer specify how many of the programs came from North America.

China critically punishes those caught smuggling or trafficking tablets, inclusive of foreigners. Anyone discovered with greater than 50 grams (1.76 oz) of a controlled substance can face the demise penalty.
China has stepped up its efforts to combat the sale of unlawful tablets in latest years. Authorities in essential towns, which includes Beijing, were regarded to carry out spot drug checks at bars and nightclubs in a bid to clamp down on leisure drug use.

The move puts it at odds with North America, wherein cannabis has increasing stages of social reputation.
The first marijuana dispensaries opened their doorways in Canada in October 2018 after it have become simply the second one u . S . Inside the international to absolutely legalize the drug.

South of the border, it’s far felony to buy and own marijuana in 10 US states, while many others have decriminalized possession of the drug or legalized scientific marijuana.

Cannabis isn’t the handiest drug which has brought on divisions among the US and China. Washington has been attempting for years to get Beijing to crack down on the united states’s manufacturing and distribution of fentanyl, a deadly prescription drug which is devastating parts of the USA.

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