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What is your definition of health?

Health is the human physical wellbeing. Health has many definitions one is what we define health. There are many definitions and some might define it as mental, physical, and social. They may say human who does not have any disease. Some might divide it into types. There are organizations that work for health and generate funds for this issue. WHO is one of the organizations that work for health and provide funds to poor countries? Health means different to different people. Some might face mental health issues and some might face physical health issues. It depends on them how they define health. We have told all the aspects of what is health? Now you have many definitions in front of you now you can select the definition that you like. Health depends on many things. How you can keep your health healthy. Now it is a wider problem. A society can be healthy when they have healthy tasks and they have basic necessities. When they have these things they may be fit mentally physically and socially. Now we can divide societies and can compare them with each other. You will know the difference between healthy and unhealthy societies. We can compare progressive and 3rd world countries. You will find that progressive countries are healthier than 3rd world countries. Progressive countries have healthier because their basic needs are fulfilled while 3rd world countries do not have basic necessities. You can then divide these into types. They are as bellows.

Physical health:

Physical health means a human is physically fit. They do not have a problem. This type totally depends on what is your nutrition and in which kind of society are you living? There are societies that keep themselves healthy just because they take steps to keep themselves away from disease. There are societies that can not afford such steps and the government does not help them and keep them away from disease. If you want them to be physically fit you should educate them about health and tells them to do exercise and keep themselves from unpleasant places. In this way, they can be saved from physical disease. If they do not have the nutrition they can keep themselves healthy by doing exercise. This can improve human mental health and social status.

Mental health:

It is very hard to explain mental health as it is the condition of the human brain that depends on human emotion and psychological activities. It is hard to explain because physical health is a part of mental health. You can be mentally fit if you have good nutrition and healthy tasks. It is only possible if you don’t have any problems in your society. There are some factors that keep you relaxed or unsettled. You can fit genetically or your society provides you good atmosphere where you are doing healthy activities.


We have define health and tell the factor that how you can define health and how you can keep your sef healthy and fit. This is possible if you follow the above instruction.


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