The 13 Traits of a Narcissist

While we might also have thoughts of what narcissism looks as if, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) lists 9 traits and characteristics that are clinically full-size in determining if someone’s super-sized ego can be some thing extra than simply self-self assurance. At least 5 of the following tendencies must be displayed to meet the diagnostic standards for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

1.Grandiose experience of self-significance.

This is the notion that your contribution and presence are essential to the happiness, achievement, or equilibrium of other people and any companies or relationships. “The venture could have tanked if I hadn’t been on the group.” “If it weren’t for me, who is aware of where my spouse would have ended up!”

2.Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited achievement, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.

This describes the notion which you are capable of exceedingly excessive ranges of fulfillment even if your competencies or skills offer no proof of this being possible. “If I get this activity, I’ll soon be writing my very own paycheck and running the organisation.” “I’ll ace the LSAT and get a loose trip to Yale law faculty. Wait and notice!”

3.Belief that she or he is special and particular and may best be understood by using, or should accomplice with, other unique or excessive-fame humans or institutions.

This resembles the “I need to talk to the supervisor” attitude in that narcissists firmly trust that they need to handiest need to address the top-degree character in any group. They attempt to insert themselves in high-popularity cliques, meetings, or social agencies even supposing they’re undesirable. “Yes, the director and I go manner lower back; we’re true buddies and I know she’ll be keen to pay attention my views.” “I’ll be speaking with the CEO to set up a assembly to speak approximately these new directives and let them recognise what my mind are on the matter.”

4.Need for immoderate admiration.

The narcissist isn’t happy with a compliment or pat at the lower back whilst others provide them as part of natural communique. They call for that others respect their appearance, accomplishments, capabilities, or life. The admiration of others is what feeds the narcissist. “Isn’t it remarkable how the color of this shirt units off my eyes?” Boasting is 2d nature to narcissists, and compliments are usually acknowledged innumerable instances to others as evidence in their superiority.

5.Sense of entitlement.

Narcissists may also agree with that achievement takes tough paintings – but most effective for others, not for them. They totally trust that they deserve the nice tickets, the top score, the nicest room, or the excellent seat within the house. They don’t even have to verbalize this notion as their conduct and actions simply talk their sense of entitlement.

6.Interpersonally exploitive behavior.

Narcissists see other people as equipment. Their loss of self-cognizance is paralleled by means of a lack of information that others exist as individuals with emotions, wishes, and dreams. “Get out of my way.” “Do me a prefer and give up your vicinity in line for me.” Whatever they ask for, it’s of their personal egocentric interest and that they go through no guilt for looking ahead to others to sacrifice for them.

7.Lack of empathy.

This is the cold lack of ability to appropriately apprehend how different people feel. This speaks to the narcissist’s loss of emotional awareness or depth. It isn’t always constantly that narcissists don’t “care” about some other’s feelings, it’s far simply that they’re unaware that others may even have the ones feelings.

8.Envy of others or notion that others are green with envy of him or her.

This describes the narcissist’s steady evaluation of themselves to others, wishing for themselves the achievement others experience, and the false perception that everyone else is envious of them. That’s how they keep their egos intact. Being perceived as “everyday” or “subpar” could represent an ego wound they could not cope with. A narcissist might say, “Everyone notices me after I input the room. They know that they’ll in no way be as successful as me.”

9.Demonstration of smug and haughty behaviors or attitudes.

Arrogance and conceit are trends which might be frequently observed first in narcissists. This is evidenced by way of disrespect for the positions or rights of others and the narcissist’s willingness to demand and anticipate that others will bend to their will. Like exploitative conduct, this behavior can be without difficulty observed with out the narcissist having to say a phrase. They’ll smash in lines, use patronizing tones, and act as though they have every right to put off what is rightfully a person else’s.

In addition to the currently referenced 9 signs and symptoms, an opportunity model of diagnosing personality problems, which includes NPD, become proposed inside the DSM-V. This model is characterised by four unique regions of functioning wherein non-public issues are most likely to be located. Among those four, an man or woman who has mild or more impairment in those regions might be taken into consideration to be evidencing a character sickness:


For narcissists, this is excessive recognition on others to aid their own self-definition and immoderate reference on others as means to hold their very own shallowness, in addition to overly estimated self-appraisal and an inclination to be overly thrilled or inordinately displeased with oneself. For narcissists, it’s not what’s internal that topics, it’s what outsiders perceive once they gaze on the narcissist that shapes their identity.


Narcissists have a tendency to preserve their eyes at the prize that they feel others could prize. They are pushed by using a choice to show they are superior to others. This pressure is often coupled with a experience of entitlement that leaves them feeling that they ought to be above having to paintings for any intention.


This region of functioning is what permits people to connect to and apprehend the plights of others. Unfortunately, narcissists simplest reference the reactions or actions of others as they relate to the narcissist’s personal conduct. Even those “readings” of others are out of awareness, as narcissists aren’t capable of accurately assess their results on others. They may additionally attend to someone’s expressed emotions that allows you to leverage the man or woman to the narcissist’s very own advantage, but there’s no cognizance that goes beyond the


Intimacy. This is wherein the narcissist’s true nature and shortcomings frequently hurt others the most. Narcissists are not able to forge or preserve extra than superficial relationships. They don’t have the emotional capability to narrate in proper, intimate ways. Every courting is seen as a tool to feed the narcissist’s ego.


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