Fibromyalgia and Hip Flexor Pain

It is not uncommon to have hip flexor issues, or pain in this area with fibromyalgia.

The hips, hip flexors, and lower back correlate with fibromyalgia pain regions due to tender areas across the lower back, many extra trigger factor regions and different situations that have an effect on the encompassing regions.

The hip flexor muscle tissues allow your hips to transport with flexibility.

You are engaging these muscle groups each time you flow your legs, and that means your hips are involved in most of the moves that you make during the average day.

A non fibro individual may not understand how regularly they use their hip flexors, but absolutely everyone living with fibromyalgia who reviews hip flexor ache can be properly aware about this on a greater regular basis.

I even have individually handled hip flexor ache after which later re-strengthening of these regions while developing more fibro safe physical games after my full hysterectomy 5 years ago. Yes, I do get it. I will cope with extra of this later in the decrease a part of this newsletter.

While there are a few acknowledged accidents and medical situations that can motive pain inside the hip flexors, it could be difficult to perceive a right away reason of this pain in a person with fibromyalgia, except for the various each day activities that I regularly talk to.

We would possibly treat the pain as some other symptom of the recognized condition or take more time to determine an precise cause for the ache. Either way, the fibromyalgia and hip flexor ache is regularly debilitating if now not dealt with efficaciously and right away.

Understanding Fibromyalgia and Hip Flexor Pain
Hip flexor pain is often called flexor tendinosis. The pain from this circumstance normally comes from one or each of the subsequent muscular tissues: Illicacus and Psoas. These muscular tissues are often lumped together as one unit, known as the illiopsoas.

The psoas is chargeable for a whole lot of popular returned and leg ache due to the fact the sitting positions that the general public keep in the course of the day reason the muscle to shorten for a protracted time frame. When you get up and start moving round again, that muscle doesn’t need to extend and function well.

For those laid low with fibromyalgia, the pain may additionally come from different muscles that assist the hips move. This consists of the quadriceps, even though those muscles are decrease than most hip flexor muscles.

While flexor tendinosis because of an harm or problem no longer related to fibromyalgia may also focus on one specific muscle or vicinity of the hip, fibromyalgia sufferers may additionally revel in pain that spreads out throughout this location of the body. The purpose of the pain is frequently unexplainable, as is normally the case with fibromyalgia ache.

Treating Fibromyalgia and Hip Flexor Pain
One easy manner to prevent some fibromyalgia and hip flexor pain is to keep away from sitting in one function for an extended period of time. Get up and pass round periodically so that your muscular tissues don’t have time to set in a single position.

You often listen me recommending secure and effective exercising and the importance of collaborating in some level of exercising in an effort to preserve your frame strong and extra bendy, and this is every other recommendation for hip flexor pain as properly.

As an opportunity to straps and/or bringing the neck ahead, carry a chair as much as you close even as mendacity on floor, then go one leg over the other just above the knee, and hold. The chair really acts as a person or therapist supporting you to stretch in a safer and more powerful manner.

Hip Flexor Stretch

The greater you discover ways to circulate and the way angles and over repayment do be counted, the simpler it’s far to prevent some reasons of muscle ache. You can comply with me on the Fibro Fit People web page to study greater methods to soundly and gently paintings those extra susceptible areas.

I additionally paintings with women after hysterectomy and other belly surgical operation to gently improve those vulnerable regions. I were there, and sure, it is possible to feel sturdy after a hysterectomy and whilst living with the complexity of fibromyalgia and co-conditions.

The stretch I am performing right here is notable to do whenever, mainly after sitting. We draw up on one leg (no shoes) to just above OR underneath the knee, (this loosens the hips) then draw the arm up at the equal aspect and sense the mild stretch from your hips thru your obliques. Here, I am placing my heel just ABOVE the knee, no longer at the knee itself.

Slightly one of a kind than yoga, what we do is greater range of movement techniques for fibromyalgia. Therefore, keep away from pushing into the knee or inside of opposing leg. The idea is to raise and stretch thru the motion.


If you spend a lot of your day sitting at a table, invest in an office chair that is notably adjustable. Set the chair higher, allowing your hips to rest above your knees. This function is more healthy to your hip flexors and might dispose of ache as a result of the shortening of these muscle mass inside the ordinary office chair function. You might also want to take into account a standing table that allows you to easily elevate your paintings space.

I commenced using a standing desk final yr and discover it very useful, in fact, I do extra standing at my desk now than I do sitting. (note: some standing desks may be tough at the shoulders to put up and down so it might be vital to get a status desk that uses an electric manipulate for moving positions.



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