In this publish, you will learn more approximately full-extract hashish oil, additionally known as FECO, a powerful cannabis plant extract with instructions for making your own medicine at domestic.

                                        WHAT IS FULL EXTRACT CANNABIS OIL?
Full-extract cannabis oil, also known as FECO, is a focused, entire-plant, complete-spectrum hashish extract.

This manner that every one of the vital plant compounds, from cannabinoids to terpenes and different plant substances, are gift within the extract.

FECO is a powerful concentrated hashish extract that interacts with our personal endocannabinoid device. FECO can be stronger than other merchandise available on the market today, making it an terrific preference for use for medicinal purposes.Once the FECO is prepared, various utility methods may be used, such as sublingual absorption, topical preparations, and cannabis edibles

                                    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FECO AND RSO?

If you are strange with the following abbreviations, make sure to test out this cannabis phrases and abbreviations guide.One crucial element to word is that many humans confuse FECO with RSO – also known as Rick Simpson Oil.

RSO is FECO. Both FECO and RSO have the same very last traits and appear very dark, thick, sticky, and tar-like consistency upon a hit of completion and each utilize alcohol because the solvent for extraction.

    The main difference between FECO and RSO is the type of alcohol used for the extraction.

FECO makes use of food-grade grain alcohol, a miles more secure solvent than the isopropyl alcohol used inside the RSO approach.The very last outcomes are comparable, however isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol, like the kind you’ll discover for your medicinal drug cabinet) IS NOT SAFE TO INGEST.

We DO NOT advocate the RSO extraction technique.Again, right here we are making full extract cannabis oil, FECO, with a tincture made with food-grade grain alcohol that is safe for human consumption.At the end of this manner, we will have evaporated off all of the alcohol, leaving a small quantity of concentrated hashish oil.It is critical to word that on the quit of this system, you will have gathered a very small amount of oil.A difficult guestimate expects to apply 1 cup of tincture and gather handiest about 3 milliliters of FECO.

For my buddies who just want a quick assessment of the system, here it’s far.

Below you will locate more commands from every step.

  1. Decarboxylate your cannabis
  2. Prepare a cannabis alcohol tincture
  3. Evaporate off the alcohol
  4. Store your medicine
  5. Consume your medicine

                     1. DECARBOXYLATE YOUR CANNABIS

Decarboxylating Cannabis for FECO

Before jumping in and clearly pouring alcohol over your hashish flower, you want to ensure you don’t overlook this crucial step – decarboxylation. Without decarboxylation, you may not enjoy the overall variety of beneficial health results of cannabinoids like THC or CBD.Decarboxylation goals to warmth the hashish flower at a low temperature over an extended period of time to permit complete decarboxylation to arise without destroying the opposite beneficial plant count inclusive of the terpenes or flavonoids.

Decarboxylation can be done in your own kitchen at home by baking the dried cannabis flowers in an oven-safe baking dish or mason jar.The time and temperature should be adjusted depending on whether you are working with THC flower, CBD flower, or even CBG flower.


Cannabis Tincture for FECO


The second step to making full extract cannabis oil is to prepare a cannabis tincture with alcohol.

You can follow both the long-soak, conventional Green Dragon Tincture method or the QWET Freezer Tincture method.For each strategies, you’ll want your decarboxylated cannabis plant life and meals-grade high-proof grain alcohol.It is imperative to apply excessive-proof grain alcohol for the nice fine extraction.Here is my whole manual for where you may get excessive-proof alcohol for making tinctures.You will not attain the identical outcomes with lower evidence alcohol like vodka or rum.

                                                           To Make a Green Dragon Tincture:

In a mason jar, pour Everclear alcohol over the decarboxylated cannabis flower. Screw the cap tightly and shake lightly.Place the mason jar in a cool, dark location like a cabinet or closet and depart it to sit down for 24 hours.
After 24 hours, strain the hashish tincture via a espresso filter out or cheesecloth right into a easy mason jar, setting apart the plant-be counted from the alcohol.

Additionally, you may observe the QWET Tincture technique for a quicker extraction system.I ran my personal lab exams to examine the conventional Green Dragon cannabis tincture to this Golden Dragon QWET tincture, and the effects are published here.According to the outcomes, the Green Dragon lengthy soak tincture approach produces a stronger tincture.The effects endorse that the longer the soak, the more potent the final product.

However, this method additionally produces a more potent tasting tincture with extra residual plant remember like chlorophyll.This leaves you, the customer, with the choice of selecting potency over flavor.From here, you have many selections on what you want to do together with your tincture.You can leave it as is, no longer evaporate, and really have an alcohol tincture to use in cocktails like hashish sangria.You should use it in a number of your favored recipes, like gummies made with tincture.You can also pour the tincture over white sugar and make cannabis sugar with it.You also can move on to step 3, in which we evaporate off a hundred% of the alcohol to make FECO, or full-extract cannabis oil.


Pouring Tincture into Crock Pot


There are a few protection issues to hold in thoughts before you start evaporating off the alcohol of your tincture.We are using excessive-proof alcohol, that’s EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.That is why we need to be cautious about how we evaporate off the alcohol.If you introduce an open flame whilst you’re looking to evaporate the alcohol, you run the chance of beginning a fireplace or, worse, having an explosion.We do no longer ever suggest evaporating off the alcohol over an open flame or fuel-burning stove.This is risky and unnecessary.

                                             ALCOHOL WILL EVAPORATE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE
You can allow the alcohol to evaporate off just by using sitting at room temperature, but that takes a completely long term.Here is a image of a shot glass we filled with 1 ounce of the tincture.It took about 1 week for all of the alcohol to evaporate off.We recommend adding a coffee filter or different breathable material to the container’s top to hold any contaminants from getting in.



How to Make Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)

                                                   EVAPORATE ALCOHOL WITH HEAT
We need to introduce heat to help evaporate off the alcohol faster, with out an open flame.My safe answer has ended up being a small (0.Sixty five quart) mini-warming crockpot.This is a perfect solution because the mini-crockpot does now not heat above one hundred sixty° F, that means it won’t spoil the plant cannabinoids.I additionally suggest the use of the mini-warming crockpot because the small floor place makes it less difficult to accumulate the sticky very last product.Simply pour the tincture into the mini-crockpot and permit it to warmth up, uncovered.You need to make certain you do no longer warmness it with the lid on, so that you can gradual down the evaporation manner.Additionally, I endorse doing this in a room with top air flow to preserve the windows open and airflow transferring.The evaporating alcohol has a sturdy odor that may be unpleasant in a small, restrained area.

                                  4.STORE YOUR MEDICINE

Glass Syringe

When you have got efficaciously evaporated off all of the alcohol, you’ll be left with a small amount of very dark, thick, sticky, and tar or molasses-like substance.

                                                 This is your FECO, full extract cannabis oil.

From here, you could gather it and keep it in an airtight vessel of desire.Collecting the FECO can be tough because of its sticky nature.I suggest using these reusable glass locking syringes.Not handiest are they a incredible way to save your remedy, however they include mL labeling, which helps make dosing less complicated.

                             5. CONSUME YOUR MEDICINE

How to Make Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)

Once the FECO is prepared, various application strategies may be used, which include sublingual absorption, topical preparations, and cannabis edibles.Again, it is not recommended to use FECO for inhalation or vaping.If you are new to using a listen like FECO in recipes and edibles, be sure to check out my manual to creating edibles with hashish concentrates.

                                                  HOW TO MIX FECO WITH A CARRIER OIL
Because of the sticky, molasses-like texture of the FECO, many people choose to mix in a carrier oil, to be able to help to dilute the FECO and make a greater viscous, tincture-like oil.

One of the most famous carrier oils to mix FECO with is MCT-infused oil, a form of coconut oil this is liquid at room temperature.If you want an oil-primarily based tincture, I advocate mixing 1mL of FECO with 29mL of MCT oil for a 30mL infusion.

Note: you may need to warmness them collectively barely to get them to combine.

If you need to warmth them collectively, do NOT warmness them inside the microwave.Combine in a double boiler. You can then shop in a dark bottle tincture like this one.

                                                   HOW TO PUT FECO INTO CAPSULES
Another manner to consume FECO is to position it into drugs which can then be swallowed or used as a rectal or vaginal suppository.For making pills that can be swallowed, make certain to test out my guide to creating and filling cannabis drugs.


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